The inner game

Andrea PirloWimbledon starts today. I’m looking forward to another two weeks of tennis trading on the grass, full of trading opportunities, similar to what we’ve seen in the pre-Wimbledon tournaments.

But this post is inspired by what took place last night at the EURO Cup when Italy overtook England at a penalty shootout. A victory that can largely be attributed to Pirlo. Why Pirlo?

Here’s why. [continue reading…]

Football and tennis trading on betfair

When I first started out on Betfair I was interested more in the football markets (especially the under/over markets), but as I began to experiment with trading on other sports I discovered that tennis is a much more suitable – and profitable – sport for me to trade.

During the years I couldn’t help but observe some of the differences between the two sports and what these differences mean as far as trading them on the betting exchanges. What I would like to make clear right from the start is that both sports are great for trading and both presents traders with huge opportunities but the two main reasons why I took the decision to spend more time on tennis is because it’s the sport that has less efficient markets (both pre-play and in-play) and is more suited for my particular style of trading. [continue reading…]

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