Davis Cup tennis trading

Before the start of the first ATP 1000 tournament of the 2011 season we have some Davis Cup matches to trade on this weekend.

Most of the times I don’t get involded in trading the Davis Cup matches – except for the final round – due to the following factors:

  • low liquidity in most markets – makes it difficult to get matched when entering and exiting the market with a decent amount
  • low motivational factor for some players – Federer never plays Davis Cup and there is a reason for that
  • no reliable recent form and statistical analysis – the Davis Cup ties are played during the span of 3 days, and players come from all over the world to the respective venue for the tie, which makes it difficult to get a correct assessment for their real form
  • players can be changed at the last moment – you can expect changes as far as the declared players for a certain match in concerned

But excluding the above factors, these matches are “best of 5 sets” and can bring up some trading opportunities.

Looking at the match-ups from this weekend, Sweden vs Russia, Croatia vs Germany and Austria vs France would be the ones that could spark my interest.

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